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UW-La Crosse senior to fill landfill

Christa Booman took her senior capstone and is making it a reality

UW-La Crosse senior Christa Booman has initiated and helped organize the first ever Bioblitz of the area surrounding La Crosse County’s landfill. According to Booman, not many people know what happens during a Bioblitz. Even when asking if her friends wanted to help out, one friend asked, “Is it going to hurt?” During a Bioblitz, experts and volunteers take inventory of all the species in a given area. Full story

UW-La Crosse expanding their class selection

Fall always seems to be a busy if not exciting part of the year for students of the UW - La Crosse. Students and faculty alike are wrapping up their summer months and preparing for the upcoming semester, a semester that is bringing in some welcomed changes. Full story


UW-L sophomore serves as new UW regent

A first look at Anicka Purath’s goals

Anicka Purath, a sophomore at UW-La Crosse, is now serving as the traditional student representative on the UW System Board of Regents. This Board, comprised of 18 members, works to appoint the president of the UW-System, the chancellors of the 13 system universities, the chancellor of UW-Extension and UW Colleges, and the deans of those 13 colleges. Full story

Tuition freeze to potentially last longer

Wisconsin legislators have taken an interest in the tuition costs of Wisconsin universities by initiating a tuition freeze among all UW campuses. UW-La Crosse is currently in a tuition freeze that had begun this past fall, and will continue to be through the 2014-2015 school year. Full story


Social media meets job criteria

Ah, another morning has started and I go downstairs to boot up my computer. Sure, I have emails to check and projects I should be doing, but I go ahead and just check Facebook first to ease myself into the technological world. As many of us know, when we enter the Facebook world, we enter a web page unlike any other on the Internet. Full story

Equal pay: Still a women’s issue

Women make 77 cents to every dollar men make. We’ve all heard this disheartening statistic before (or at least I’d hope so). As usual, this well-known number only represents the experiences of white people, ignoring the fact that black women make 64 cents and Latina women make a measly 54 cents to every dollar white men make. Full story

The talk about Tinder

Some might say when the Tinder app hit the social media market, it ultimately revolutionized the online dating scene. Honestly, it's everything people love about dating and convenience, all from a few easy steps that don’t take as much effort or thought as filling out pages of information like other online dating websites. Full story

Living and spending on a college budget

Between clothes, food and drinking, it is often difficult to look at your bank account. More often than not, we often see money going out, but not in. I think that most people can agree that college students are big spenders. Its most often spur of the moment decisions that when your with your friends, you end up dropping twenty bucks. Full story


Choosing a major

When we students take a step back, we realize the main reason for us attending UW-La Crosse is to further our education. We have chosen to keep learning and growing by attending a university. This gives us a huge edge when it comes to the job market and allows us to gain experience over non-collegiate peers. Full story

Light Up a Life spreads suicide awareness on campus

An average of 1,100 college students commit suicide nationwide each year. It is the second leading cause of student death. UW- La Crosse’s student organization Active Minds pointed this out at their event, Light Up a Life: Suicide Awareness on Thursday Apr. Full story


Graduation being synonymous with debt

Last week in my article I discussed Senioritis: the pseudo-disease sweeping across campus affecting seniors. So many seniors, including myself, are just itching to finish out the semester and graduate, but soon after we all graduate there is something we will have to eventually deal with and that is the debt from our student loans. Full story

Geri Jewell inspires UW-L campus

Geri Jewell graced UW-La Crosse with her inspiring presence on Monday, April 14. She was born with a developmental disease called Cerebral palsy, which affects body movement via the central nervous system. Despite this, she followed her dreams of becoming a comedian and along the way became an actress, performer, author and motivational speaker as well! Whenever life had her down, Jewell would write to her favorite actress, Carol Burnett. Full story


Call of Duty for the win

Study finds playing video games can aid in decision making, strategic planning, and visual spatial a

When it comes to the media commenting on the effects of playing video games on adolescents, it’s mostly from a negative aspect. Most have heard that playing violent video games will make them violent or that, in general, playing video games will rot the brain. Full story

New jackets, same tradition for cross country

Pride plays a tremendous role for the UW-La Crosse Men’s and Women’s Track and Cross Country teams. Time and again students hear about the triumphs that these two sports programs bring to the UW-L campus and, with success, a certain type of mindset and tradition is etched upon those runners. Full story

Biotin to the rescue for limp, lifeless hair and nails

This super-vitamin, along with vitamin E, helps protect against more serious issues, such as diabete

Growing up, many girls, and even young boys, relied simply on Loreal 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. As they got older, the options get broader and the hair gets longer. There are dozens of brands with hundreds of products. From gels to vitamin pills, the available options for improving hair strength, length and thickness are seemingly endless. Full story