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Published: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 11:10

Craving some sultry tones and vibes? Then Twine is the band for you. With strong female vocals and enchanting piano and cello melodies band members Greta Kamps and Meg O'Connor leave listeners begging for more.

"I would describe our music as mellow indie acoustic," said O'Connor. "It's something that would be heard at a coffee shop."

These two best friends started out playing piano duets since they were five years old and have been growing together musically ever since. Based out of Minnesota these vocally vivacious ladies have played at multiple venues including coffee shops, theaters, and stages near Minneapolis.

"I love to write music and express myself through it. I come from theatrical roots so I love to be on stage in front of people," said O'Connor.

Twine knows that trying to break into the music industry isn't easy. "It can be really stressful at times, especially when it comes to selling tickets, or landing a spot venue," said O'Connor.  

Twine has recorded multiple songs and has also done collaborations with other local band. "It's a lot of fun to switch things up and sing with a full band behind me," said O'Connor

The most rewarding aspect for O'Connor has to be the response. "Our friends are definitely fans, but it's the most rewarding when a random person comes up to me and gives me compliments on my voice. It's an amazing feeling. As long as we're still playing together and doing what we love then I'm happy," said O'Connor.

Want to hear what everyone's talking about? Find them on their MySpace at or like their Facebook page.


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