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Candidate for recall elections visits UW-L

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 12:03

Kathleen Vinehout visited UW-La Crosse on Friday March 23rd to continue her strides for her campaign as governor of our great state of Wisconsin!  Vinehout identifies as a strong independent, able to attack our bipartisan system from both sides.  “check your egos and hats [your affiliated organization] at the door, and let’s talk solutions.”

Vinehout started out as a nurses aid, then moved to be a professor, and after spending 10 years milking cows on a dairy farm gained a new perspective that inspired her to become a state legislature.  Now, she is determined to continue her dream for change as she runs for her spot as Governor of Wisconsin.  

Vinehout believes in creating a vision of prosperity for everyone.  However, her plan for Wisconsin for the fiscal year leaves much to the imagination.  Vinehout argues that the deep budget cuts were unnecessary for wisconsin, as governor walker didn’t make over 500 million in payments for our state’s debt, which is why our debt isn’t paid.  

Vinehout points out flaws in Governor Walker’s financial actions, as he proposed the largest extension on debt payments in history of Wisconsin.  However, Vinehout fails to mention the reasons behind Governor Walker’s actions.  In order to protect the middle class workers from the monetary consequences of our state’s debt, an extension had to be proposed.  Also, had previous the debt would not have escalated to this large amount.  

As a university in the the UW system, we are all aware of the competition Wisconsin has with our bordering state of Minnesota.  Superiority in football however is one of the few things we have them beat on.  Vinehout is passionate about her priority to beat MInnesota in higher education.  While Minnesota has 32% of its population holding a bachelor’s degree, Wisconsin is lagging behind with a mere 26%.  

While the constant reminder of bordering state competition is great for football, it doesn’t exactly create credibility in politics.  Vinehout also talks about being a leader that creates openness in government. Instead of saying “open for business it should say open for everyone.”  

Vinehout proclaims that she will govern with self restraint, listen to the people and the will of the people.

The primary elections are held May 8th, and the general elections follow that on June 5th, 2012.


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