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Potential online courses to be offered before freshman semester

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 12:02


Officers from different colleges within UW-La Crosse are represented along with advocates for clubs and organizations, trying to get their voices heard.   As the university strives to make UW-L a top contender academically in the UW system, it looks to improve the level at which our professors teach.

 One way to up the competition is to dismiss remedial classes as part of the course catalog.  This would mean that any 051 courses offered would only be applicable online for students who are required to take the course before beginning taking credits at the university level. UW-L offers these remedial courses for mathematics and english, allowing international students an opportunity to get a better understanding before jumping into the curriculum.  However, the debate comes down to whether or not these courses are doing more harm than good.

"I feel like these courses may put the international students to a disadvantage at some point in their academic careers", said Colleen Sovey.  This is a common consensus throughout campus.  "If the goal for our university is to expand cultural diversity, I think taking away these courses would do just the opposite", said Cara Gonring.

The university tries to achieve yet another goal: "Inclusive Excellence."  While UW-L prides itself on cultural diversity, curricular infusion always has room for improvement. Our university is attempting to reassure that each minority group, no matter how small, has a voice heard throughout campus.

 This advocacy is obvious after glancing around the conference room of a Student Association Meeting. The diverse representation includes all social and academic groups on our campus.  The Black Student Union, RHAC, SAPA, and many other student leaders attend these meetings to enforce the goal of curricular infusion.  

UW-L has also received the honor of hosting the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in spring of 2013.  

The NCUR gives students the opportunity to have their research published through editing proceedings, and then distributed to institutions that could eventually benefit from the research.  This is very exciting for our campus as it provides many eager students with a rare academic opportunity.  

UW-L is  also hosting the Board of Regents Meeting this year, which is an 18 member committee full of governor appointed board members.  These members are responsible for choosing the President of the UW system, as well as all 13 chancellors for the UW system. The admissions' standards and university budgets are also dictated at this meeting, so it becomes imperative that UW-L is involved, as it is ranked third in the UW system for having the biggest budget cuts.

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