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Remembering our own

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 17:02


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On Feb. 17, UW-La Crosse lost a very important member of our community. Neala Frye, 23, may have physically left us, but her involvement in her high school, UW-L and work as well as her love for her family and friends will forever last. In this time of grieving, The Racquet would like to dedicate this issue to those who are left on this earth that still feel the warmth of her beautiful smile and glowing personality. Those who remember her and celebrate her life share what they remember most from Neala’s live-each-day-as-if-it-is-your-last mantra. So in this time of grieving, let’s
not be depressed, but act like she would want us to do and “shake what your momma gave you.” --K.C. Powers Editor-in-Chief

“I was once in the hospital for a few days and Neala was the only friend who visited me. She heard the news and took it upon herself to figure out where I was. She came around 8 p.m. and stayed until after midnight. She sat across from me and we just talked for hours. She brought me two magazines, a book and a teddy bear. The teddy bear was a loaner and had to be returned, haha! Once I got home she came over and watched a few movies with me and kept me company. She was very compassionate and a caring person. She was a true "wild flower" and a unforgettable person.” -- Aaron Johnson

“Neala was one of the silliest, goofiest, funniest girls I ever dated and ever knew really. I never had a bad moment with her; she was warm hearted and was a gentle soul. I could tell stories about her all day. Neala was a really good friend and she was always there for me when I needed her, I use to call her Neals and gave her lots of nickname. One that she said she loved when I gave it to her was Neals on Wheels. She even came out with me for my 24th birthday when nobody else could and it was storming out really bad; she still found it in her to make it out to spend time with me regardless.” -- Skyler Bolden

“She was always there whether you needed advice, someone to cheer you up or just someone to listen. She always had a good perspective on things and new exactly what to say to cheer anyone up no matter what the problem. I don't know where I would be without her in my life she has helped me through ever situation that I needed. I can just picture her now with her giant smile looking down at us and guiding me into new chapters of my life. She is the best friend, someone anyone could go to and look up to and an amazing daughter to her parents that anyone ever could have asked for.”--Mathew Scott

One of my favorite stories of Neala happened just a few months ago. I was at work and got a text on my phone saying "look at this $20 gem". So I opened the attachment and found a 4 foot by 3 foot picture of a black panther covered in glitter and glam. Hahaha! I immediately told her that it wasn't going to last long hanging on that wall. Needless to say, even today it is still hanging there.I don't plan on ever letting that picture out of our group of friends because it reminds us all of how rebellious, and creative, and outspoken and confident Neala was.-- Tyler J. Zibrowski

“I will never forget the triple dog dare Neala gave me last week. She asked me everyday if I've heard anything yet, but I hadn't. The dare was more of an inside joke, but I'm sure someday I'll get a reply!Her smile, humor and willingness to help anyone affected myself and others' lives and we will all miss her greatly. Rest in Peace Neala.”--Brady Long

"Back in high school, we lived in different towns and so during the day, we would sneak an e-mail or two back and forth between classes and talk about how boring both of our days were. Those e-mails were all I looked forward to reading every day, as benign as they seemed. She always had a way of making every day brighter and more wonderful with simple words." --Phil Carper

"I remember when we did a fashion show when we were in high school. I don't remember what it was for, but we were both in these fancy formal dresses, goofing off and running around like nothing mattered. We were finally told that we had to line up and get ready to actually walk on stage and we both paused and looked at each other for a second and simultaneously made a mad dash to the bathroom to fix our hair and wipe off all the sweat we accumulated from playing around. We couldn't stop laughing even up to when we were about to walk on stage, and started laughing again as soon as we met up back stage. It was always like that with Neala. I know it's cliche, but we literally did think the same things and finish each others sentences. No matter what was going on, how bad things were, Neala could always find a way to cheer you up. And if you were happy, she only made things better. There is no one in the world like Neala, but if there were, it would be a much sunnier, happier place." -- Brianna Scarpelli

"She always had a humorous and optimistic attitude and was a delight to be around. She was smart clever and I always enjoyed hearing her talks." -- Ben Hetzer

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