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Senate approves changes in Racquet staff

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:03

Student Association ad a busy week approving several important resolutions before they dismissed for spring break. While the extended agenda of new business resolutions made for a long meeting, they contained important improvements to look forward to after break.

The New Business section of the agenda held a resolution very close to the hearts of the Racquet staff this past week. K.C. Powers was appointed the Racquets new Editor-in-Chief. However, before she starts tackling the ridiculous task, she must get consent from the Student Senate. As the resolution states, “The Student Services and Buildings Committee is responsible for establishing and conducting the hiring process for the Racquet Editor position.” According to the bylaws of the Student Services and Buildings Committee, any newly appointed Racquet editor must be approved by the Student Association. Powers has been appointed to take over and the Editor in Chief of the Racquet for the academic year of 2012-2013.

While minimal concerns were discussed about the new Racquet editor, some senators posed questions about future actions of the paper. The “hot topic” of inclusive language was approached again as senators wondered how the appointee would take a stand on this issue. Powers reassured the Student Association that she believes in the importance of feedback, as it helps editors probe the inclusive factor of the language used. The resolution was swiftly moved to an acquisition, where a vote no longer becomes necessary for it to be passed. With that being said, congratulations to K.C. Powers, the Racquet’s newest Editor in Chief!
An overview of other resolutions passed includes the Resolution Approving Student Center Referenda Language. This referendum was sponsored by Senators Spencer Niebur and Brian Manske. The resolution calls for the approval of the language in the New Student Center Referenda coming up. After marginal adjustments, this resolution was passed.

A resolution for the Cartwright Computer Lab to purchase five new computers and a printer for more efficient and effective technology uses was in discussion at the meeting as well. The eighteen computers currently occupying the Cartwright lab are approximately five years old, which is often a hinder for students with updated technology on their own computers. The cost of each new computer would be $1000, while the printer would rally an expense of $500. The computers would be placed near the mezzanine of the Cartwright Center.

Additionally, it was resolved that the Information Technology Services can close the computer lab throughout the summer of 2012 and have the space utilized for other purposes. These added expenses were debated upon for the duration of the meeting until the resolution was approved. The improvement in efficiency will greatly help the Student Association as well as other organizations that utilize the space.


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