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Senate tackles green fund

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 12:03

After a break from politics, the Student Association jumped right back into business with several important agendas concerning the allocation of funds.  The new business started out with the Resolution Approving Green Fund Referendum Language.  While several student senators collaborated on this resolution, there was still much to be discussed.

This resolution became a priority for factors of environmental sustainability at UW-La Crosse.  With little to no money being allocated by the state to help solve these environmental problems, a resolution is in order to properly distribute the funds.  The Green Fund is responsible for making our campus more eco-friendly with energy efficient and waste reducing systems.  It is proposed that the Green Fund ask each student for no more than seven dollars (an increase from the five dollars asked for last year) to help fund sustainability projects.  Funded projects in the past include low flow shower heads, energy efficient LED lights, a vermicomposting system, an electric van, and outdoor recycling bins.  The Green Fun. Language Resolution also requires that the fund may not exceed $120,000.  

The senators writing the referendum are very conscious of overflow accounts and want to keep student segregated fees as low as possible.  Large projects will be categorized into another fund that cannot exceed 60% of the total, and can only be in place for up to five years.  These designated projects will receive the majority of the funds while another account will be set aside for smaller projects.  The money in the Green Fund can and will be carried over from year to year to ensure that no funds will  go to waste. The resolution also states students can vote every four years on whether they want the fees to continue.  This resolution was approved and forwarded to Chancellor Joe Gow and Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Robert Hetzel.  

In other news, David Wermedal, Director of Local Affairs had a very exciting announcement for the Student Association this past week.  There is a vacancy in the 5th district city council.  This position is usually filled by a student representative.  Any student interested in having their voice heard should look into this position.  

Lastly, the Resolution Approving Higher Education Award was approved giving the honorary mention was awarded to Kevin P. Reily, the UW System President.  This award is given to someone who was pivotal in making positive changes to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse higher education.

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