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Wienke, Gudis withdraw from university

Published: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Updated: Monday, October 18, 2010 22:10

wiebke gudis mashup

Screenshots via YouTube

Wienke (left) and Gudis (right)

Chancellor Joe Gow has confirmed that Brayden Wienke and Casey Gudis, the two men accused of sexually assaulting another student in Sanford Hall, have withdrawn from the university on Oct. 14.

The UW-La Crosse Division of Student Affairs has been delicately exploring the process to expel the now-former students, but has not formally initiated any disciplinary procedures in order to avoid conflict with the criminal proceedings. With Wienke and Gudis out of the university, expelling the students may be unnecessary, Gow said.

"There may not be a need to have a disciplinary process," he said. "We can't do one if they're not students."

Since their arrest, the judge has forbidden Wienke and Gudis to come in contact with campus. Gow understands that people close to the accused came to file the appropriate paperwork.

Check the Monday online edition of The Racquet for an update to this story.

UPDATE 2: The two students charged last week with sexually assaulting a student in Sanford Hall last month pleaded not guilty Oct. 14. Few new details emerged as attorneys for both parties interviewed the victim. The status hearing is scheduled for Jan. 6, when the accused will have the opportunity to change their pleas.

UPDATE 1: Two students accused of sexually assaulting their roommate in Sanford Hall Sept. 27 were formally charged with the crime in a court date Oct. 6.

Freshman Casey Gudis, 18, was charged with first degree sexual assault, and Brayden Wienke, 19, was charged as a party to the crime. Both will appear in court Oct. 14 at 11 a.m. for a preliminary hearing. If found guilty, each faces up to sixty years of imprisonment. The victim is presently living off campus.

<<Read the La Crosse County Criminal Complaint filed against Wienke and Gudis.>>

Police reports about the incident indicate Wienke pinned down the victim while Gudis assaulted him with the handle of a lint roller. In the La Crosse County Criminal Complaint, District Attorney Tim Gruenke alleges that the attack was in retaliation for an incident earlier that afternoon, in which the victim was throwing playing cards at Wienke while he was taking an online quiz. In an interview with university police, Gudis mentioned that Wienke had threatened to "stick something up [the victim's] butt."

When the victim returned from class two hours later, his other four roommates were present, and Gudis was holding a lint roller. The victim bent down to reach for a Nerf gun underneath his bed, when Wienke pinned him down and pulled down his sweatpants and boxer shorts to his knees. Gudis then assaulted the victim with the handle of the lint roller. The victim removed the object and confronted Wienke, who said they were "even now."

Three hours later, the victim contacted his father about the assault, and began packing his bags. The victim's father contacted the UW-La Crosse Police Department. Since then, the victim has been living off campus and has not returned to classes. A sexual assault exam at the hospital indicated the victim would not need treatment for the injuries.

Wienke and Gudis did speak with UW-L Detective Timothy Shantz and Police Chief Scott Rohde. Gudis reported to them that he did not think the handle violated the victim. According to the report, the roommates of the victim had previously engaged in similar behavior with each other, but in a joking manner and while fully clothed.

According to Chancellor Joe Gow, though some early rumors suggested the victim and assailants were members of the UW-L Wrestling team, that assertion is false.

Reporting by The Racquet that the pair had both entered not guilty pleas at their Wednesday court appearance was not accurate. They were simply formally charged at the appearance.

For video of the accused, visit these links:



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Wed Oct 27 2010 12:39
Is this seriously what's being argued about here? Whether or not these two were wrestlers? Why does this matter?
Maybe we should be more concerned with what Gudis and Wienke did, and how it was apparently not a big deal to those who witnessed this event and laughed about it instead of recognizing how wrong it was. Maybe we should asking how such an event could take place and be considered revenge for flicking cards. Maybe we should reflect on how three lives have been ruined because of this idiotic and perverted act.
Who the f*ck cares if they're wrestlers? What does that have to do with anything?
Tue Oct 26 2010 13:19
Please do not quote the police report, unless you have read it... I have and it says no such thing about them returning from a pre-wrestling practice. And I know for a complete fact that one of the boys DID NOT attend any camps this summer due to injury. Your 'facts' are indeed NOT.
Wed Oct 20 2010 10:59
It is simply outrageous that the Chancellor is repeatedly quoted as saying these boys were not wrestlers. Both attended UWL Camp this summer. Both were doing workouts with the UWL wrestling team every day since they first arrived at UWL. Both were recruited by the UWL Wrestling Coach as they are both 2 time State Champions.The Internet is full of articles interviewing them saying they have decided to Wrestle at UWL. They are Wrestlers, period. Facts are facts. How about worrying about the victim rather than the UWL Wrestling team's " reputation". These are facts, not just opinions or speculation. No-one is interested in a "smear campaign" at all....just the Facts.
Tue Oct 12 2010 22:38
I'm not trying to say anything bad about wrestlers, but I think they were planning on wrestling at La Crosse. The police report said something about them going to or returning from some type of pre-wrestling practice.
Fri Oct 8 2010 12:03
Is there a crusade against wrestlers now? no smear campaigns please
The Editorial Board
Fri Oct 8 2010 11:10
Please take note: Reporting by The Racquet that the pair had both entered not guilty pleas at their Wednesday court appearance was not accurate. They were simply formally charged at the appearance.
Fri Oct 8 2010 10:21
The Chancellors comment on how they were not on the wrestling team is interesting....Two, Two time state champions in wrestling magically just ended up at UW-Lacrosse for an education with no wrestling involved?

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