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Our own perfect 10

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 13:02

Christa Booman recently placed 10 in the All-Around Competition at the NCAA Division I North Central Regional at the University of Denver. An outstanding athlete, The Racquet wanted to get to know her better. Here's the scoop:

Are there any nicknames you've been given either from teammates or fellow competitors? Nickname: Boom

Have you sustained any battle trophies (wounds) from this sport? I have had numerous "battle wounds!" I actually have a visual four-inch scar on my shin from whacking it on the beam a couple of times. On top of that, I have had a concussion, an MCL sprain, subluxed shoulder, herniated disc, numerous knee hypertensions on both knees, bruised tailbone, and more recently, a sprained ankle. These injuries are nothing compared to a lot of gymnasts!

Do you have any special ritual before a routine? i. e. wear the same socks? I don't have any rituals, per say, but I do a lot of visualization and positive thinking for each routine beforehand. I also like to read motivational quotes and books to pump me up. Certain ribbons or hairstyles are a common ritual on the team...I guess I don't give my hair much thought, as long as it is out of my way when I compete!

What do you think of your competitors? What superhero villain would you compare them to? I guess I would compare to Syndrome from the Incredibles. He builds himself up as someone that no one can beat, but when the family comes together as one, they defeat him. I think of it as our team; when we put all of our strengths together and are vigilant, we can 'defeat' our competitors.

Would you ever consider a career as a stunt woman? And what upcoming films would you want to be a part of? i.e. The Hobbit, Mission Impossible.

No! Unless it is a movie about gymnastics like "Stick it" or something. I am much more of a chicken than you would think!

If you could change one rule about gymnastics what would it be? If I could change one rule, it would be that our coaches and team could yell out pointers while we compete--that would be extremely helpful!

In your opinion what makes gymnastics more difficult than other sports? Gymnastics is difficult to do under pressure, especially beam. It's also hard to stay focused when you are in the meet situation - the different venue and different equipment takes a tight mind to overcome. It is hard to control your body and stay on a 4-inch beam when you have a lot of adrenalin!

If you were to become an elite gymnast who would you want to sponsor you? I think I would sponsor "Jiff" or "Skippy." I eat a lot of peanut butter:)

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