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Writer’s choice: Comparing audiences

The Super Bowl up against other championships

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 13:02

Super bowl XLVI was a nail biter of a game. But, I know a lot of people who didn't even bother watching the super bowl because of the teams involved, the national audience still reached and estimated 111 million people. Now as far as the ads go, which we all know was the best part this year, the slots that were available sold out by thanksgiving. Each 30 second slot sold for 3.5 million dollars.  Let's see how that compares to other national sport championships.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) had a national audience of 4 billion people worldwide. The population of the world is only an estimated 7 billion people. That means that over half of the world's population tuned in to watch last year's RWC. The teams playing in last year's RWC were New Zealand and France.

Also in 2011 the Saint Luis Cardinal's played the Texas Rangers in the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series.  The World Series brought in a national audience of only 25.4 million people. Making it one of the least watched championships that I researched.  I mean Baseball is America's game right? Why wouldn't more people be watching if it is America's game? I believe that answer lies in the fact that football is taking over as America's game and has been for a while now.  More people have watched the Super Bowl then the World Series in the last couple years.

Even the Fifa World Cup final was viewed by almost a billion people.  Fifa reports that 909.6 million people watched at least a portion of the World Cup. 619.7 million People watched 20 minutes of overtime to see who would win the match. The Women's World Cup boasted an average of 17 million viewers which is a record for the Women's World Cup. America played Japan for the Women's world Cup and Germany Played Japan for the men's. Japan won both of the matches.

So as we see here some sports are gaining popularity while others are losing there's. Football, rugby and soccer seem to be growing in popularity while baseball seems to be diminishing. But as long as the play the sport there will be people to watch them.


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