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RE: We Can Do Better Than This

Julie Krueger, student

Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 12:02

I would like to address Mr. Caleb Brown, who was published in the Viewpoint section of  The Racquet earlier this month with an article entitled "We can do better than this." Mr. Brown took issue with those of us who were involved in the Michelle Obama conference call in January. In Mr. Brown's humble oppinion, the questions that were asked of Mrs. Obama were "difficult to stomach." Apparently, these questions were far to elementary for Mr. Brown's liking. Mr. Brown claims that he did not expect any hardball questions," but it is clear that he expected just that. He would not have been so ashamed of his fellow peers had this not been the case. Unortunately, Mr. Brown was unaware of the facct that Organizing for America, an organization affiliated with the Democratic Party, had selected the questions prior to the event. It was a brief event, so we were unable to ask questions of our own. What's more, we were speaking with Michelle Obama, not the President; it would have been inappropriate to ask the First Lady "hardball questions" concerning her husband's political views or his legislative plans. Furthermore, Mr. Brown failed to recognize the purpose of the event, which was to galvanize the President's supporters. Mr Brown was mistaken in thinking that we intended to convert conservatives. That was not the purpose of the event, but Mr. Brown would not have known that, for he did not ask. Yet Mr. Brown was correct in that students need to be better informed of political matters, and that is precisely why we as College Democrats, do our very best to fight political apathy and encourage students to take part in the political process.

It's a shame that mr. Brown did not take the time to ask a few questions of his own before tearing us apart in his article, for we would have gladly set the record straight. Mr Brown, I'm sure you can do better.

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Sun Feb 26 2012 15:44
I'm curious reading some of the comments about this and associated columns. If all that is claimed is true - that the paper is 'shoddy' or people are writing poorly - does that not mean that the English or journalism programs at this university is producing terrible and lazy writers? It seems the quality of the writers and editors at the student newspaper is to be blamed largely on the purported grown-ups who are paid handsomely to produce quality students of the English language. One would hope none of these English professors have posted comments such as the one on this thread, because to me at least, it reflects very badly on the quality of this school's academics.
Wed Feb 15 2012 23:43
If all of you idiots want to keep complaining about the newspaper, then maybe you should advocate for a journalism program. These kids are working and doing the best they can with the few resources they do have. Get off your high horses and stop thinking that they SHOULD know everything. THEY DON"T DESERVE THIS.
Gus Fimple
Wed Feb 15 2012 22:20
The above comment was mine. Didn't mean to leave it Anonymous.
Wed Feb 15 2012 22:18
Wonderful letter. I've noticed over this past school year, many articles printed that have questionable journalistic ethics. The editorial staff there at The Racquet seem to think that just because it is a "University Paper" that these things don't matter. They spin the negative reactions, saying that we just don't get the high-minded rhetoric that they are producing. One thing that they don't realize is, if they plan on working in any field associated with reporting, the clips they provide from their time at this paper will be passed around for a good laugh, then thrown in the trash bin where they belong.
Simply spouting off and calling it "opinion" isn't good enough. What they are printing at The Racquet is lazy, yellow journalism. Even worse, its not really that good.

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