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Stop the never-ending elections

Viewpoint Editor

Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 13:02

With the Presidential elections only nine months away, the Republican hopefuls are in full campaign mode.  Even the President himself is starting to pick up the campaign trail again. Yes, another election year is upon us. For the next nine months the mud will fly. Baseless accusations, propaganda and statistics that can be interpreted a dozen different ways. With all that being said it should hardly come as a surprise that so few Americans vote. The very electoral process seems to cause half the headache in and of itself. This is nothing new. Especially not here in Wisconsin.

As Wisconsinites we believe that it is always an election year. Our lives would not be complete if we were not gearing up for this or that election. At least that is the way  our political process has been going lately. Does anybody even remember the last time there wasn't an election going on in this state? And if it isn't an actual election year, we will recall someone just to make sure that we have something to keep ourselves occupied.

Ok, so I'm sure that all sounds a bit absurd. And admittedly it is, but I want to make a point here. Americans can barely handle it when elections come around every couple of years. The whole mud slinging propaganda scene is more than enough to turn off many would be voters who simply cannot fathom the complete lack of common sense. Yet here we are dragging ourselves through this agony on a regular basis. Any sane person has to ask themselves why?

What it boils down to is that certain groups (on both sides of the isle to greater or lesser extents) are not happy with what is going on and are not content to wait till the next election cycle. But truth of the matter is that this is why we elect people. We put them in office to do a job, yet we won't like everything that they do. But that is okay. That is why their positions in office are not permanent. But if we decide to recall every politician just because we don't like a certain bill they voted for then we would be constantly in this state. Which we pretty much are.

Instead we should make sure we elect the right people in the first place. So that we don't have to constantly having recalls.

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